Imagine an Aotearoa where every child shines bright

That's our vision and everything we do is designed to bring us closer to that.

We believe in Kiwi kids. We believe they are born with their light shining bright and a life of potential ahead of them.

Sadly, we know that light can be dimmed by:

  • abuse and violence
  • neglect and adversity
  • the impact of poverty
  • restricted access to quality education
  • inadequate role models
  • lack of understanding and support of their developmental needs.

We also know we can change the impacts of those experiences. At Barnardos, we are committed to making a real difference where it counts most every day.


An ambitious mission

We have set ourselves an ambitious mission to guide our work. We will:

  • be the voice and greatest fan of our next generation, today
  • shape brighter futures through quality education and targeted social services
  • create insightful ways to empower tamariki/children to shine brighter.


Guiding principles

Our guiding principles support our vision, shape our culture and reflect everything we value and believe in. They're based on who we are, both as individuals and as an organisation, and guide us in everything we say and do.

Atawhakarongo Maiatanga Kotahitanga Kaikokiritanga Mahi totika

A culture that reflects the real New Zealand

New Zealand is a diverse country. It's a nation of people of many creeds, ethnicities, heritages and values. We respect these differences and consider them in everything we do.

We believe in the importance of listening to people and allowing them to direct the ways in which we provide assistance and support. We respond to local needs, individual challenges and diverse experiences.


Te Tiriti o Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi is one of the founding documents of New Zealand — signed by Māori chiefs and representatives of Queen Victoria at Waitangi in 1840. Te Tiriti is an agreement of how Māori and the Government of New Zealand will work together and the respect they will show each other.

The 3 articles of Te Tiriti are:

  1. Kāwanatanga (governorship) — the right of Māori to manage their own affairs and the obligation of the Government to seek and be responsive to input from tangata whenua
  2. Tino Rangatiratanga (self-determination) — recognition and acknowledgement of the status of tangata whenua and the importance of mana whenua
  3. Ōritetanga (equality) — the principle of equality that gives Māori the same rights given to all New Zealand citizens.

We are committed to the Treaty of Waitangi. Our relationship with Māori is centred on building partnerships, ensuring participation, and being effective and responsive. This is an essential part of who we are and the way we operate. It is a deep and abiding commitment that we have made as individuals and as an organisation.