We do more for Kiwi kids

At Barnardos, everything we do is for New Zealand children. 

As Aotearoa's largest children's charity, our strength is in the breadth and depth of support we offer. Whatever a child's needs, we will strive to meet them. Our experience and expertise mean our services make a positive, long-lasting difference to children's lives.

We never view anything in isolation. A child with a need belongs to a family or whānau. That family lives in a community. Those communities make up our nation. We believe in a nation where our children have every opportunity to shine bright. With your help, we will make this happen.

Together we can build stronger communities, one child at a time.


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Child & family services

No two families are alike and every family has their ups and downs. At Barnardos, we help families deal with some of the worst of these downs. Family violence. Child abuse. Neglect. Addictions. We tackle the hard stuff, intervening as early as possible to achieve the best outcome. Our work supports and empowers whānau to change and develop in ways which will last a lifetime.

Sometimes our support is as simple as helping families find better housing, build a budget or understand how children’s needs differ from their own. Other times, we do intensive work with families who may be suffering from generational abuse, long-term neglect and limited parenting skills. Whatever the situation, we build capability and resilience to enable brighter outcomes. Visit our Child and Family Services Directory. 


Early learning services

Education matters. It opens doors and paves paths. The earlier a child receives quality education, the more likely they are to develop the confidence and capability they’ll need to continue their learning at school. And those who struggle when they’re young suffer the most from these missed opportunities.

Through our KidStart programme, we teach kids the basics they need to have the best start at school. We also provide them with the tools they'll need to navigate their lives. We do this in partnership with the Te Whāriki ECE curriculum to help support the full range of skills children need as life-long learners.

Above all, we teach them the value of learning and the importance of trying their best. We believe passionately in the value and worth of every child.

For information on the services we provide, check out our early learning page.