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No two families are alike and every family has their ups and downs. At Barnardos, we help families deal with some of the worst of these downs. Family violence. Child abuse. Neglect. Addiction. We tackle the hard stuff, intervening as early as possible to achieve the best outcome. Our work supports and empowers whānau to change and develop in ways which will last a lifetime.

Sometimes our support is as simple as helping families find better housing, build a budget or understand how children's needs differ from their own. Other times, we do intensive work with families who may be suffering from generational abuse, long-term neglect and limited parenting skills. Whatever the situation, we build capability and resilience to enable brighter outcomes.


Services that work

We offer real solutions to real problems. All our services are supported by best practice industry standards, high-quality research and the extensive experience of our specialist staff. We know the work we do makes a real and measurable difference in the lives of our Kiwi kids and their families and whānau.


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If you're looking for a particular service, our service directory has an overview of everything we offer. For specific referrals, check out our referral forms page.