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Santa won’t be visiting 8 year old Deon

I’ve just read the following letter to Santa from eight-year-old Deon:

Dear Santa

I do not want eny thing for crismas.  I know that you are not even reel.  Last year I askt for a skooter   But you did not bring me anything.  But you bort max a black one.  He browt it to school.  I was rely good and I tried rely hard to help my mum. 

One time dad got rely mad and mum was hert and had blood on her nose and a long time after she was crying.

I made tost for my little sister for tae. I know she liks mamite so that is whot I put on it.  But not too much gust a little bit.   She did not evan say thank you but I know she was feling sad about mum. Because she was criying so much.

If you were reel I wood ask you to make dad stop herting us.

It’s absolutely heart-breaking. To this little guy, there is no magic in Christmas. In fact, he doesn’t even know how to write the typical “letter to Santa” that my sons compose with such careful thought and attention every December. What Deon does seems to know, even at his tender age, is that a toy won’t change his life or help his family.

So this Christmas, I’m not going to ask you to donate a toy for Deon. Instead, I’m asking for your help to make a permanent change.

As the Fundraising Manager at Barnardos, I know that Deon is far from an isolated case. Every single day, I hear horrific stories about kids experiencing neglect, abuse and violence. I don’t have the skills to help them directly, because I’m not a social worker; I’m a fundraiser – and I want to change the future of kids like Deon. Because they will be badly affected for life unless something changes right nowTogether, you and I can ensure that another 200 vulnerable kiwi kids receive targeted, intensive support from Barnardos social workers in 2017. 

To achieve this, we need to raise $100,000 by Christmas Eve.  Will you join me and thousands of other New Zealanders to reach this urgent goal?

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